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AFRISO Smart Home
Smart Home chaos at home? No problems with AFRISO Smart Home!
Numerous manufacturers, solutions and a vast variety of products are on the market. The corresponding systems all have the same objective: to make the home, the office or the company intelligent. The focus is to use existing technologies in such
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German AwSV
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Alarm instruments
Wireless conductivity water sensor WaterSensor BWS
Washing machine or dishwasher leaky? Damage to water pipes, hoses or sinks? Flooding as a result of backflow or a heavy shower? There are many leakage risks, and if you are not at home, the result may be major water damage. It takes
Room thermostats
Room thermostat TA 03
The new AFRISO TA 03 mechanical room thermostat is suitable for monitoring and controlling room temperatures in residential spaces. The room temperature is detected by means of an integrated probe. A change in the
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Hydraulic balancing
Product range thermostat valve Vario-DP
In existing buildings, the data required for hydraulic balancing can often only be estimated because sufficient information on the piping is unavailable. In old buildings, the lengths and diameters of pipes are often not documented, the pipe systems have
Digital pressure gauge
Precision digital pressure gauge DIM 30
The new battery-operated precision digital pressure gauge DIM 30 is a compact, stainless-steel electronic pressure measuring instrument consisting of a pressure transducer with a piezo-resistive stainless steel sensor and a digital,
AFRISO Smart Home
Smart Home
Whether indoor climate, comfort or security – AFRISO Smart Home offers comprehensive solutions with perfectly tuned components from sensors and actuators and a base station all the way to an app. AFRISO is not a start-up,
Pressure gauge
Combined thermometer/pressure gauge / thermo-hydrometer TM
The new AFRISO TM combined thermometer/pressure gauge consists of a Bourdon tube measuring system for pressure measurement and a bi-metal measuring system for temperature measurement; it is designed for simultaneous,
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Differential pressure
DeltaFox DMU 20 D
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Water technology
Thermal mixing valves ATM from AFRISO
The new AFRISO ATM thermal mixing valves have been designed for controlling hot water in sanitary applications as well as for smaller underfloor heating circuits which are directly connected to the flow (max. 60 °C). In addition, they can
Measurement technology
Measure more with new CAPBs sensor modules
The modular AFRISO CAPBs system is growing. Users working with a BLUELYZER ST, EUROLYZER STx or MULTILYZER STe measuring instrument, a series S4600 ST pressure measuring instrument, a BlueAir-ST or a TMD9 temperature measuring instrument
AFRSO Smart Home
Wireless smoke alarm ASD 10
The new AFRISO wireless ASD 10 smoke alarm is designed for reliable detection of fire gases and fumes in residential spaces. Audible alarm is triggered when a defined smoke concentration is detected. The photoelectric smoke alarm ASD 10
Electronic pressure switch
Electronic pressure switch EDS 10
The new AFRISO EDS 10 electronic pressure switch converts the pressure of liquid or gaseous media into an electrical signal. EDS 10 allows the user to define up to two selectable
Pressure transducer
Precision pressure transducer with EX approval
The new AFRISO DMU 14 DG/FG Ex pressure transducer is designed for electronic pressure measurement in applications requiring high measuring accuracy (< ± 0.1 % FSO) and long-term stability (< ± 0.1 % FSO/year). Due to the
Measurement technology
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Chemical seal
Diaphragm seal MD 11
The new AFRISO MD 11 diaphragm seal, plastic version, can be used for pressure measurement in conjunction with a Bourdon tube pressure gauge and for switching tasks in conjunction with a pressure switch, for example, in installations
Level sensor
Level sensor tester GPG 01
The new AFRISO GPG 01 level sensor tester is suitable for full testing of level sensors which are not used in hazardous areas/potentially explosive atmospheres. It is possible to perform both an electrical function test
Alarm units
Indoor siren AIS 10
With the proven EnOcean alarm units, AFRISO has been offering devices for reducing a vast array of risks in buildings and homes for many years. Following the motto "Comfort by Security", AFRSIO is extending the smart portfolio to offer
The new AFRISO catalogue INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY is 2017/2018 is now available
The new AFRISO catalogue INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY is now available The catalogue covers a comprehensive range of mechanical and electronic pressure, temperature and level instruments and control units, alarm units, display units and
The new AFRISO catalogue PORTABLE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS for domestic technology and industrial applications 2017/2018 is now available. The catalogue covers a comprehensive range of portable service instruments
The new AFRISO catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY 2017/2018 is now available
The new AFRISO catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY 2017/2018 is now available. The catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of the world of safe and energy-saving domestic technology. It covers a great variety
AFRISO catalogues 2017/2018
The new AFRISO catalogues 2017/2018 are now available
The three new AFRISO catalogues 2017/2018 "DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY", "INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY" and "PORTABLE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS" are now available. The catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY covers all products for safety and measuring equipment for heating systems, solutions for
Trade fairs 2017
AFRISO at the ISH Frankfurt Fair
With 2,400 exhibitors, the ISH is the world’s biggest showcase for building, energy and air conditioning technologies as well as renewable energies. From March 14 to 18, the trade fair will cover all aspects with regard to energy-efficient

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Level indicator PulsFox PMG 10 plus display unit DA 14
The weighing system in the pomace silo (height 20 m, capacity 80 t) of a fruit juice manufacturer exhibited increasing failure rates and kept delivering incorrect measurements as it was dated.
Ultrasonic transmitter SonarFox UST 10 plus display and control unit VarioFox
Due to the viscous consistency of the de-icing agent, the measuring system in three cylindrical tanks with a height of 3 m on a German airport kept failing or delivering incorrect measurement results.
Ultrasonic level switch USG 20 used for unloading fuel for maritime vessels
Maritime vessels are usually fueled with a mixture of marine fuel or heavy fuels obtained as a residue from petroleum distillation, and of diesel fuel. This fuel is classified as IFO 180, 380 and 580, with increasing numbers
Good Luck Tour 2016
Cycling for children with cancer!
In keeping with the tradition of chimney sweeps bringing good luck, the motto of the chimney sweeps on their bikes at this year’s anniversary Good Luck Tour is “Where one kind heart goes, more are sure to follow”. At the individual
Fuel oil storage

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Building technology
Smart Home System AFRISOLab
A networked home has many benefits. Apps facilitate numerous routines, make leisure activities even more fun and control consumer electronics and household appliances. Wireless technologies are also used to reliably monitor and operate
Alarm units
Alarm unit for oil separators WGA 02 from AFRISO
The AFRISO WGA 02 alarm unit for oil separators, consisting of the control unit WGA 02 and the conductivity probe WGA-SD 03, monitors the thickness of the oil layer in oil separators and triggers visual and audible
Pressure gauge
Dual pressure measurement
The AFRISO DMU 13 pressure transducer with local display, consisting of a transducer
with a piezo-resistive stainless steel measuring cell plus mechanical Bourdon tube
measuring element, provides dual pressure measurement: The integrated
Pressure gauge
DNV- and GOSSTANDART-certified pressure gauge
The AFRISO NS 100 (NS 160) is used to measure the pressure of gaseous and liquid media at temperatures of up to 150 ˚C in the measuring ranges 0/0.6 bar to 0/1000 bar (0/0.6 bar to 0/1600 bar). The robust design with a
Measuring instruments
Intelligent Flow rate and temperature measuring instrument
The new AFRISO FlowTemp® ST flow rate and temperature measuring instrument simultaneously measures the flow rate (l/min) and the temperature (°C) and immediately transmits all data
Charging unit for solid fuel boilers
The new AFRISO RTA charging unit is designed to transport the energy generated in the boiler to the buffer and to keep the temperature in the return line above the condensation point in all operating states. This function helps
Trade fairs
AFRISO at the HVAC trade fairs in spring 2016
The new CAPBs system which currently has many different sensor modules (for example, pressure, temperature, humidity) will be one of the highlights showcased. The CAPBs can transfer measured data to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth Smart. The main attraction is

PrimoTherm 180-3
The new AFRISO PrimoTherm 180-3 heating pump assembly can be used
as a boiler pump for biomass heating boilers. The pump transports the
energy generated in the boiler to the buffer.
Building technology
Interoperatibles Smart Home System AFRISOLab
Many smart home manufacturers use their own, proprietary wireless protocols and can therefore not be networked with other systems. This results, on the one hand, in isolated solutions with a dependency on individual suppliers; on the other hand, some systems only operate
Pressure measurement
Leak test set DPK 60-5
The AFRISO DPK 60-5 leak testers are designed for measurements
of gaseous media as well as for tightness tests and load tests of
low-pressure gas pipes in non-hazardous areas.
Level measurement
Pressure transducer DMU 08 T and data logger DL 10
Monitoring waste water systems, rain overflow facilities, rivers and waters, wells,
drilling holes or drinking water treatment plants is possible with little financial
and technical effort.
Leak detector
AFRISO Europress
The AFRISO Europress leak detector is a pressure type leak detector,
class I as per DIN EN 13160-1, DIN EN 13160-2, with ÜHP mark.
It complies with
Measuring instruments
The flue gas analyser MAXILYZER NG Plus from AFRISO is an extended version of the
MAXILYZER NG An integrated Peltier cooler and a heating for heated suction hoses
facilitate professional measurements in the field.
One of the best: AFRISO apprentice
As in the last two years, this year again an AFRISO apprentice, 20-year-old Kevin Zipperle,
was presented with a certificate at an award ceremony hosted by
the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Measuring instruments
The new AFRISO DMU 02 Vario FG pressure transducer is designed for universal
application with a great variety of electrical connections, output signals
and industry-specific process connections.
Building technology
Leak monitoring via smartphone
Many substances used in the industry and even in private households
can pollute the water. If such substances get into the ground, this can
be an ecological catastrophe. In Germany
Measuring instruments
AFRISO launches DNV GL-certified CEMS
In spite of a rather generous preparation period, the implementation of
the reduced emission limit values for SOx in emission control areas (ECAs)
as of January 01, 2015, caused quite a bit of turbulence in the marine
Level measurement
Level measurement in corrosive liquids
The AFRISO HydroFox DMU 09 pressure transducer is a screw-in probe for
electronic, continuous level measurement in highly corrosive media such as
chemicals or landfill waste water.
Building technology
AFRISOhome building automation
A smartphone or tablet and a smart home system or building automation system
allow users to easily monitor the situation at home, for example the alarm system,
heating and air conditioning, lighting, shutters, doors, windows, garage door, etc.
Thermal safety valve TAS 03
The new AFRISO thermal safety valve TAS 03 is used for thermal protection
of sealed or open solid fuel heating systems as per EN 12828 with a
heating capacity of up to 100 kW (86,000 kcal). The thermal safety
Measuring instruments
New pressure measuring instrument series from AFRISO
The new AFRISO S4600 ST pressure measuring instrument can be used to
measure vacuum, overpressure, differential pressure and relative pressure
of gaseous, non-corrosive media in non-hazardous areas. The ergonomic
Matthias Steiner
Cycling for children with cancer
In keeping with the tradition of chimney sweeps bringing good luck,
the motto of the chimney sweeps on their bikes at this year’s
anniversary Good Luck Tour was “Cycling into open-hearted action”.
Level measurement
New level switch SonarFox USG 20 with ultrasonic technology
The German measuring and control specialist AFRISO has launched a
revolutionary innovation in the area of level switches. The measuring
principle of the level switch uses is based on ultrasonic technology,
Building technology
Leak detection from a distance
Oil/water alarm units generate alarms in the event of accumulations of liquids caused by tank leaks, backflow or flooding. The hazard of pollution of or damage to buildings or the environment caused by liquids such as water,

Trade fairs 2015
AFRISO at the ACHEMA fair 2015
With around 4,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and an exhibition
space of 140.000 m², the ACHEMA is the world forum for chemical technology,
process technology and biotechnology. Focal topics of this global fair
Measuring instruments
Flue gas analyser EUROLYZER STx
The new AFRISO EUROLYZER STx flue gas analyser is designed for measuring
small and medium-sized oil, gas and pellets fired heating systems and
modulating CHP systems as well as for checking gas fired systems for
Pressure gauge
Two in One: Pressure transducer DMU 08 T
The new AFRISO pressure transducer HydroFox DMU 08 T is suitable for
electronic, continuous level and temperature measurement of drinking
water, groundwater, waste water (with optional FEP cable), diesel
Measuring instruments
Data logger with display DL 10
The new AFRISO DL 10 data logger with display can display and store
up to four independent analogue measured values. DL 10 is a freely
programmable digital display unit with comprehensive data logging
Pressure gauge
Differential pressure gauge for process engineering
The new AFRISO magnetic piston pressure gauges MAG 80 I Dif and
MAG 100 I Dif are designed for differential pressure measurement
at very high static pressure up to PN 400. They can be used with
Level measurement
Level indicator TankControl 10
The new AFRISO TankControl 10 level indicator is designed for continuous
level measurement in fuel oil, diesel and water tanks with liquid levels
from 1 to up to 4 m. The level indicator consists of a control unit with
The new AFRISO catalogues 2015/2016 are available!
The AFRISO "Complete Catalogue" is a well-known institution in numerous
industries - the last version covered all AFRISO products on more than
800 pages. Given this substantial coverage, AFRISO decided to split
Trade fairs 2015
AFRISO at IFH 2015
The world's leading trade fair for water and energy, the ISH, will take place in
Frankfurt from March 10 to 14. With everything covering sanitation solutions,
bathroom design and energy-efficient heating technologies combined with
Building technology
AFRISO WaterSensor eco
"Water damage, broken pipes, leaking appliances – couldn't happen here, everything
is practically brand new." Home and building owners often delude themselves with
this dangerous misconception. AFRISO offers a range of intelligent products for