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Fuel Oil Vent Flow-Control- and FloCo-TOP-Series
Complete Range of Fuel Oil Vents - Series Flow-Control and FloCo-TOP

The AFRISO-EURO-INDEX automatic fuel oil vent series Flow-Control and FloCo-TOP are used in single-pipe systems with return pipe supply for continuous venting of fuel oil supplied to oil burners. Operating oil burners without a return pipe has a number of benefits:
the danger of leaks going unnoticed is eliminated, and there is no need to check the return pipe. The system removes only as much oil from the tank as it really needs. This considerably increases the service life of the oil filter as compared to dual pipe systems. In addition, it is usually possible to use a thinner suction pipe.

The AFRISO-EURO-INDEX automatic fuel oil vent Flow-Control 3/K-1, safety version, is used in single-pipe systems with return pipe supply. Flow-Control 3/K-1 is recommended for mounting above the maximum oil level in the tank, but may also be mounted below the maximum oil level in the tank. Flow-Control 3/M features two separate float chambers and is 50 mm higher than Flow-Control 3/K-1, but apart from that, the specifications are identical. Flow-Control 3/M is recommended for mounting below the maximum oil level in the tank and whenever particular safety is desired.

The automatic FloCo-TOP-K fuel oil vent, safety version, contains an additional integrated filter and a shut-off valve. Due to the compact design, there are few sealing points. The device features a triple-float safety system with two separate float chambers. It prevents oil foam from escaping and also indicates malfunctions of the vent system. The automatic FloCo-TOP-M fuel oil vent is equipped with a metal vent bowl to satisfy maximum safety requirements. FloCo-TOP-KM combines a vent unit, a shut-off valve and a pressure gauge in a single, compact unit so that the system status can be easily checked.

FloCo-TOP-KMF has the same specifications as FloCo-TOP-KM, but features a replacement system for sintered plastic or fine filters. The large surface of the filter insert and a filter rating of 25 m result in a considerably prolonged, maintenance-free service life. FloCo-TOP-KMF is a high-quality, very compact unit that requires very little installation time and effort.

All automatic fuel oil vents from the Flow-Control and FloCo-TOP series are TV-tested and available in additional versions.