Technology for Environmental Protection - Measuring. Controlling. Monitoring.
This page provides a variety of forms that you can use for product enquiries, information or returns.

Check lists for enquiries
Level measurement (pdf, 25 KB)
Thermometers (pdf, 44 KB)
Resistance thermometers (pdf, 25 KB)
Pressure gauges (pdf, 45 KB)
Diaphragm seals (pdf, 28 KB)
Pressure transducers (pdf, 44 KB)
Water analysis (pdf, 22 KB)
Gas analysis (pdf, 53 KB)
Event reporting systems (pdf, 50 KB)

Return of pressure gauges, pressure transducers and gas analyzers
In order to protect the environment and our staff, AFRISO-EURO-INDEX will transport, check, repair or dispose of returned devices only if this is possible without risk to health and environment.

Therefore, please fill in the contamination declaration and send it along with the device you are returning.
Contamination Declaration (doc, 64 KB)

Tank protection
Function test liquid based leak detector LAG (pdf, 93 KB)
Function test pressure type leak detector (pdf, 86 KB)
Function test vacuum type leak detector (pdf, 88 KB)