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Radio-controlled water valve WaterControl 01

For manually or remotely controlled closing and opening of a water pipe in buildings in response to an event message from the water sensors WaterSensor eco or WaterSensor con.
Ideal for minimizing leakage risks in utility rooms with water-carrying pipes, under bathtubs, showers or taps, in drywall or in the range of washing machines and dishwashers.
Additional protection for devices with Aqua Stop ('safety connection'). Water sensors detect even with flooding caused by water leaks to other components of household appliances (internal piping, valves, seals, washing drum washing chamber, overflow tank, etc..)
Immediate shutting off of the water pipe in the case of a leak
Reduced damage after pipe burst
Catalogue Building Technology, pages 100 – 102
Radio-controlled water valve WaterControl 01 (pdf)
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