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Air velocity

Universal filter AF-U

For filtration of solid matter
Optimum filtration of particulate matter
With or without liquid alarm sensors
Easy, fast wall mounting
Bypass function

Absorption filter AF-A

For removing corrosive components (e.g. SO3) by means of sacrificial materials
Filter with various absorption materials
Suitable for corrosive gases such as SO3, NO2, HF and HCl

Humidifier bottle AF-B

For humidification of the calibration gas
For identical physical properties of measured gas and calibration gas
Gas inlet and gas outlet 2 x G¼'
Inlet filter ensures that the gas bubbles so that it can absorb water

Adsorption filter AF-AD

For removing / adsorbing unwanted components
Condition of the filter material visible from the outside
Easy to fill with different adsorption agents

Room air inlet strainer AF-R

For filtration of the ambient air
Filter surface 70 cm²
Filter fineness 2 μm

Acid filter AF-S

For removing aerosols
Gas inlet and gas outlet 2 x G¼ female thread
Filter surface 70 cm²

Water trap AF-W

Additional equipment to protect the analyser from condensate and aerosols
Pore size 0.2 μm
Filtration surface 20 cm²
Filling volume approx. 3 ml
Operating temperature range of medium: max. 130 °C

Flame arrester FS 75

Reliably arrests flames
To stop the spread of deflagrations
To stop the spread of stable detonation of explosible vapour, gas or gas-air mixtures
Covers the following explosion groups: IIA, IIB1, IIB2 and IIB3
AFRISO Flammensperre

Solenoid valves MV

Controls switchover from test gas to measured gas
Allows for gas switchover to several gas sampling points
Allows for bypasses

Condensate collector KS

Used to buffer major amounts of condensate
Highly corrosion-resistant
Level alarm possible via floating probe
AFRISO Kondensatsammelgefäß

Screw fittings, T pieces, plug valves

Screw fitting for diverse stationary gas analysis applications
Connection of two hoses
Connection of hose and pipe
Connection of hose and components (filter, cooler, pump, analyser)