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Measuring instruments


Gas treatment /

Air velocity

Heated analysis and frost protection lines series HL

For keeping the dew point from falling below the limit value in gas sampling lines
Reliable analysis due to heating up to max. 200 °C
Excellent insulation, low energy consumption, low heat loss
Robust, resistant, suitable for thermal load
Ready-to-connect with wire ferrules
Outer jacket with high chemical resistance and UV protection
AFRISO Beheizte Leitung

Temperature controller ZPR

For monitoring and controlling heated gas sampling lines or gas sampling probes
Two-level controller
Ideal for heated gas sampling lines and gas sampling probes
Version for DIN rail mounting or front panel mounting
With relay output or analogue output

NOx converter C 100 / C 200

For determining the total of NO and NO2 in combustion processes
Converter to convert NO2 to NO by means of catalyser cartridge
Indirect nitrogen oxide measurement via NO analyser
NOx measurement possible as total of NO and NO2
Catalyser temperature adjustable via temperature controller
Available with and without bypass
Converter cartridge with long service life
AFRISO Nox Konverter

Gas purifier GR 120 E

For supply of test and operating air in analysis technology applications
Generates constant, high-quality zero air
Principle of operation: catalytic oxidation
Activated carbon filter as output filter for optimum zero air processing
Easy catalyser replacement via the front panel
AFRISO Gasreiniger 120 E

Zero air generator NLG 100

For supply of flame ionisation detectors with zero air and as calibration gas
For zero correction of infrared gas analysers
For flame ionisation detectors and infrared gas analysers
Principle of operation: catalytic oxidation
THC residual concentration < 100 ppb
AFRISO Null-Luft Generator

Gas pump WISA

Transports the gas from the sampling point to the analyser
Reliable transport of the gas from the sampling point to the analyser
Principle of operation: membrane pump
Adjustable pumping capacity

Oxygen probe Oxystem 250

For monitoring combustion and production processes as well as storage facilities
In situ measurement directly in the gas duct
Compact design
No gas treatment required