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Pressure transducer

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Pressure transducer DMU 02 Vario

Now with stainless steel field housing, protection class IP 67
Kit system with many versions, with connector, thermal separation and process connection
Best dynamic pressure resistance at high load changes
Measuring cell welded without seals
Zero correction by means of magnet

Catalogue 15/16 - p. 206
Pressure transducers DMU 02 Vario – programmable (pdf)
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 207 - 212
Pressure transducers DMU 02 Vario – flush (pdf)

Level probe HydroFox® DMU 08 T – Pressure transducers

With integrated temperature measurement
Compact and sturdy stainless steel design
Integrated overvoltage protection
Special calibration for all standard pressure units possible
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 227 - 228
Pressure transducers HydroFox® DMU 08 T – level probe with temperature measurement (pdf)
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 233 - 236
Pressure transducers DeltaFox® DMU 11 D – version for differential pressure measurment (pdf)