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Pressure transducer

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Pressure gauges

Electronic pressure switch EDS 10

Main application areas comprise monitoring of gaseous or liquid media in plant and mechanical engineering.
4-digit LED display
Display can be rotated and tilted to any position
2 PNP switching outputs
Accuracy ≤±0.35 % at 400 mbar and higher
Possible measuring ranges from 100 mbar to 600 bar
Catalogue 17/18 - page 258
Electronic pressure switch EDS 10 (pdf)


Digital display and control unit VarioFox® 24

For recording process parameters. Together with the event reporting system EMS and the AFRISO Net web service, this unit serves as an economical measuring and control station with data logging and remote monitoring functionality.
Can be used as compact, ready-to-connect filling or emptying controller
Visual and audible alarms
4 switching outputs
Data logger function via SD memory card or RS485 interface
Catalogue 17/18
Digital display and control unit VarioFox® 24 (pdf)