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Air velocity

Air velocity instrument BlueAir ST

Clearly structured measuring programs, simultaneous display of 3 measured values
Measurement of current value
Automatic probe detection when probe is connected
Range of high-performance probes for accurate measurements in daily use
Evaluation function displays minimum, maximum and mean values
Calculation of air flow based on dimensions of ventilation duct
Large TFT colour display (W x H: 45 x 60 mm)
Fully automatic device check, manual and automatic zero correction during program start
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 62 - 63
Air velocity and air mass flow meter BlueAir ST (pdf)

Evaluation software EuroSoft mobile for BlueLine measuring instruments

Android/iOS app "EuroSoft mobile" for smartphones and tablets
PC evaluation software 'EuroSoft mobile' for Windows operating systems
Free and suitable for many devices of the BlueLine series
Function can be retrofitted in BlueLine measuring instruments via software update and Bluetooth® Smart interface
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 92 - 93
Evaluation software and app EuroSoft mobile (pdf)