Technology for Environmental Protection - Measuring. Controlling. Monitoring.

Product range and company brochure
AFRISO company brochure
AFRISO Smart Home
Reducing Heating Costs
Reducing heating costs in large buildings
Hydraulic balancing with VarioQ and HMG 10
Making tanks safe
Making heating systems safe
WATCHDOG alarm instruments for industry and building technology
Product Range Tank – Heating – Water Technology
Product Range Pressure – Temperature – Level
Measuring and control technology for hygienic processes
AFRISO Specialised companies

AFRISO Smart Home
Smart Home – Starter Sets

Level indicators, level controllers, overfill prevention systems
HydroFox DMU 08 – Level indicator
DTA 10 – Digital tank contents indicator

Alarm units for oil, petrol and grease separators
WGA – Alarm unit

Leak detectors, leak monitoring systems, inner tank linings
and alarm units
Leak protection, leak monitoring, oil tank conversion
Eurovac NV leak detector
Assembled fleece for basement and cylindrical tanks
Universal withdrawing system

Equipment for fuel oil storage tanks and oil carrying pipes
KAV – Piston type anti-siphon valve
Manifold for anti-siphon valves
FloCo-Top-2 – Automatic fuel oil de-aerator
Quick and clean oil filter change

Equipment for drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting
Hot water circulation systems WZS series
HWSC – Water treatment system
AR-SM – Rainwater inner lining
Signal anode U
ATM - Thermal mixing valves

Mechanical and electronic pressure measurement
Electronic pressure measurement
Diaphragm and chemical seals

Portable measuring instruments
Dust measuring instrument STM 225
Level sensor tester GPG 01

Signalling devices/display units/signal processing, monitoring
and communication systems
DA 06 – Digital plug-in display
DA 10/12/14 – Digital Indicators

Solutions for OEM
ProCalida® – Manifold systems for heating, cooling and geothermal systems

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