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AFRISO USG level switch series

Vibration level switches are frequently used for level detection in tanks and pipes, but such level switches have a number of shortcomings in terms of the liquid and the running process. A vibration fork must always extend into the liquid so that it is subject to pollution and susceptible to malfunctions. Automatic cleaning is not always possible due to the fact that the vibration fork is an interfering contour in the process.

Measurement technology benefits

AFRISO has now solved these and further issues in the instrumentation of process equipment by using ultrasonic wave technology. A characteristic “signature” is created when ultrasonic waves pass through materials; this signature depends on the type and density of the material. The system uses this signature in order to determine whether there is a transition to air or liquid. This method has proven successful in high-tech applications such as medical imaging techniques or material testing and inspection. The new SonarFox® USG 20 level switch now brings ultrasonic wave measurement for highly reliable results to process engineering. This technology is extremely dependable and maintenance-free and lends itself to a vast variety of applications. The main challenge in designing the product consisted of adapting the technological potential of ultrasonic measurement to the requirements of industrial level applications. Our design efforts resulted in the creation of a technology platform which allows for the implementation of high-performance product solutions at highly attractive prices. The new USG 20 level switch is flush with the inside wall of the tank or the pipe, making the level switch a prime choice for hygienic processes as well. Because there are no interfering contours (such as vibration forks or other measuring components) protruding into the liquid, pipe systems are piggable and suitable for CIP/SIP. Reliable level monitoring is now possible even with small pipe cross sections.

Modular and versatile

Standard process connections cover simple threaded connections G½, G¾, G1, weld-in sockets, Tri-Clamp connections, dairy fitting and VARIVENT connections to allow for use in a great variety of applications. Due to the modular connection concept, stocking and multiple use are also possible. Adaptation of the level switch is as simple as screwing on the required connection piece. Self-monitoring versions which allow for transmission of alarms to the process control system in the case of measurement problems are a special highlight. USG 20 is even suitable for noninvasive measurements through plastic tanks or pipe walls.

10 excellent reasons for using ultrasonic level switches
Piggable pipes - flush installation without interferingi contours
Effective cleaning cycles in hygienic processes: Suitable for CIP and SIP
Easy to integrate, even with small pipe cross sections
Modular process connection system with adapter system (G½, G¾, G1, weld-in socket, Tri-Clamp, dairy fitting, VARIVENT, and many others) for fast, independent adaptation to the process
Extremely short response time of 0.02 seconds
Easy conversion of existing measuring points
Suitable for many applications: Independent of the conductivity of the liquid
High resistance to chemicals
Process reliability: Versions with additional status output for continuous function monitoring

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Ultrasonic level switch
SonarFox® USG 20 (en, .pdf)