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Leak test set DPK 60-7

For pressure test, tightness test (150 mbar) and load test (1 bar)
Ready-to-be-used set, fully integrated in robust system case
Ideal serviceability evaluation/determination of amount of gas leakage
Digital handheld measuring instrument with high measuring accuracy and barometric determination of the pressure
External sensors can be connected (temperature, pressure)
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 44 - 45
Leak test set DPK 60-7 (pdf)

Pressure Measuring: Series S4600 ST

Compact, handheld measuring instrument with large high-resolution display!

For measuring pressure, vacuum and differential pressure
Clearly structured measuring programs
Six (differential) pressure measuring ranges
Ultra-precision pressure measuring instrument S4602 ST: Measuring range 20 mbar
Version S4699 ST for very high pressures (18 bar)
Measured values displayed in mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmWC, mmHg, inWC, psi, bar
Optional Pitot measurement for measuring range 20 mbar and 150 mbar
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 36 - 37
Pressure measuring instrument S4600 ST (pdf)

Moisture measurement instrument MFM 22

The first stand-alone moisture measuring instrument with TÜV approval as fpr VDI 4206 for professional evaluation of firewood!

Menu-guided three point mean value measurement for split logs
Ready in no time: Assignement of favourites „Sort“ with frequently measured firewood types and wood chips as per 1st German Federal Immission Act
Easy assessment of residual moisture and temperature
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 54 - 55
Moisture measuring instrument MFM 22 (pdf)

Flue gas analyser EUROLYZER STx

All-in-one: Flue gas analysis, (differential) pressure measurement, (differential) temperature measurement
Ready for the future: Pairing with Bluetooth® Smart probes and devices for additional measuring tasks
ECO sensor: Lead-free O2 sensor with long service life and optimised calibration phase, short response time, resistant to biogenous fuels
H2-compensated CO cell (measuring range up to 10,000 ppm)
CO ambient measurement
NO cell can be retrofitted
qA mean value measurement as per 1st German Federal Immission Act BlmSchV
Measuring is possible with two active display levels
Measurement logs as QR code, database memory, customer data management
5 years warranty on O2 measuring cell
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 16 - 17
Flue gas analyser EUROLYZER STx (pdf)

The flue gas analyser with ECO sensor and countless possibilities of measured data communication!
All-in-one: Flue gas analysis, (differential) pressure measurement, (differential) temperature measurement, CO room air monitoring, dust measurement, Pitot measurement
Sensor equipment with a combination of up to six measuring cells: O2, COH2, NO, SO2, NO2 and CO20,000
Lead-free ECO sensor (O2) with long service life and optimised calibration phase, short response time, resistant to biogenous fuels
QR code generator for easy transfer of measurement logs to smartphones, tablets or management software
MicroSD/SDHC card for system-independent storage of measurement logs (HTML format)
Bluetooth Smart interface on board: Energy-saving data transmission to Bluetooth printer and easy pairing with other measuring instruments
Data logger function (1-999 seconds, interval freely selectable) for long-term measurement or diagnostics. Data is stored in XML format for flexible further processing with standard software applications such as MS Excel.
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 18 - 19
Flue gas analyser MULTILYZER STe (pdf)
Reddot Award MULTILYZER STe (pdf)

Dust measuring instrument STM 225

Compact complete solution, intuitive operation, no wear
Intuitive operation/visualisation via touch display
Optical measuring principle, therefore no parts subject to wear
Short calibration phase
Easy, fast data communication via USB und Bluetooth
Low cost of ownership, easy to service
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 24 - 25
Dust measuring instrument STM 225 (pdf)

Evaluation software EuroSoft mobile for BlueLine measuring instruments

Android/iOS app "EuroSoft mobile" for smartphones and tablets
PC evaluation software 'EuroSoft mobile' for Windows operating systems
Free and suitable for many devices of the BlueLine series
Function can be retrofitted in BlueLine measuring instruments via software update and Bluetooth® Smart interface
Catalogue 15/16 - p. 92 - 93
Evaluation software and app EuroSoft mobile (pdf)

Multi gas analyser IR 2000

Extractive multi gas analysis system for simultaneous measurement of up to 8 gas types
Optionally extensible to 10 gas types
Proven infrared measurement technology
Application-specific versions in terms of gas types, measuring ranges, gas transport and gas treatment
Robust, compact measuring instrument
Visualisation and operation via high-contrast
5.7' colour touch display
Fully automatic operation
Completely self-monitoring

Catalogue 15/16 - p. 28 - 29
Mobile infrared multi gas analyser IR 2000 (pdf)